400km road trip from Moonta Bay to Woomera (trip maplink) for a 3 day visit (should have been shorter – just sayin’).

On the way we passed the newly constructed Hornsdale Tesla Lithium Battery site (World’s largest) at Jamestown (maplink), near Port Augusta. The tower at the centre is so bright you can see it from about 100kms away.

Woomera is a pretty quiet town with an emu strolling down the main street being the most excitement we had. The happy hour at the Woomera Traveller’s Village and Caravan Park (maplink) was a great way to meet with other traveller’s. Went for an hour and spent 4.

Toured through the Woomera Museum which was actually really good with lots of history from the 1950s to 1970s where rocket development and testing was carried out by the Australian, English and US air forces.

Len Beadell the bush surveyor

Whilst at the Woomera Space Museum we learnt about a famous surveyor by the name of Len Beadell who developed a lot of the roads in the area, in particular the “Gunbarrel Highway” which was built to allow the rocket recovery teams to go out into the desert to locate the remains of rockets after they were fired. This stretched for over 1,350 km from Woomera to central Western Australia.

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