Wreath Flowers (Mullewa)

If you are around Geraldton (WA) in September and into wildflowers you must take a trip out to a small town called Mullewa to view a natural phenomenon, which only occurs in one location at Pindar (roadmap), called the Wreath Flowers.

This event only happens over a short period of time and these Wreath Flowers apparently only occur after the road verge as been graded (or so we were told). We were fortunate enough to be able to make the short (in WA terms) 280 km return trip spending about 15 minutes on location; but I must say it was worth the effort. The route takes you through so may spectacular displays of WA wildflowers it is absolutely stunning.

Stopped off at the Mullewa Pub for lunch which was a bit of a step back in time (like 1970’s).

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