Geraldton Lobster Co-operative visit

Geraldton is the home of the Brolos Lobster Fisherman’s Co-operative and we took a tour of their facilities. This was a great tour providing us an insight into the lobster industry in the area.

  • Some facts:
    • Brolos came into being in the 1950’s.
    • 98% of the lobsters caught and processed by the co-op are exported to China
    • The best quality lobsters return $100/kg to the fishermen and sell for up to $500/kg in China
    • The lobsters are chilled down to 5ยบ Celsius before being packed in special wood-shavings for exporting live to China
    • Once in China they are released into holding pens and kept alive until they are reading for cooking in restaurants
    • The day of our visit a truck was loaded with 30 tonne of fresh lobster to be taken to a new processing facility in Welshpool WA, just 4km from Perth’s international airport (so 30,000 kgs x $100 = $3,000,000)
    • All profits are returned to the co-operative and distributed through to the fishermen members

Here are some excellent video’s (from YouTube)…

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