Geraldton Sydney II Memorial

There are several worthy tribute memorials along the West Australian coastline to the sinking of HMAS Sydney II by the German Auxiliary Cruiser Kormoran on 19 November 1941 with the loss of 645 Australians

We had already visited the memorials in Carnarvon and Denham but the Geraldton one (maplink) is the most spectacular by far. You can learn more about this important chapter in Australia’s history at the Wall of Remembrance which bears the names of the 645 men who lost their lives. The centre-piece is a dome on seven pillars representing the seven states and territories of Australia.

The dome is made up of 645 silver gulls that form a canopy. Fittingly, a bronze figure of a woman waiting for the return of her loved-one, stands at the memorial looking out to sea.

The fifth and final element was completed for the 70th anniversary in 2011, a simple recessed pool with circular terraced steps leading to the bottom where a map of shipwreck site is engraved. 644 Silver gulls are etched into the granite bottom, with a two metre high vertical silver gull (representing the 645th person) emerging from the pool.

We visited the memorial during daylight hours and returned to check it out at night to see how it looked under lights. On the way back to our caravan checked out St Francis Xavier Cathedral which was all lit up too. Really glad we did the night trip too.

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