Rockingham WA – our Perth base

We rocked up to Rockingham and stayed at the Cee and See Caravan Park which is right on the beach. Nice peaceful location 46kms from Perth (maplink) with mainly permanent sites; which are really quaint with carports, verandahs and gnome gardens – more than you’d be allowed to have at most parks.

We chose this location so that we could catch up with our friends John & Margaret Auld who live nearby. It also gave us the opportunity to catch up with an old Ocean Grove mate, Greg (Peck) Wynn at his home in South Yunderup.

Spent our time with Auldie at the riding for disabled facility he is volunteering at a new Riding for the Disabled nearby then having a look around the district visiting the naval shipyards where John worked and a look around Freo. Even got to watch the grand final at a sports bar in Rockingham but we won’t talk too much about that one.

Wally the Wombat also came to live with us while we were in Rockingham. Cheeky little wombat keeps turning up in strange places. Look out for him in future photos.

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