Perth’s Elizabeth Quay & Kings Park

The only time spent in Perth city was to visit Elizabeth Quay and Kings Park which was enough for us as Neil had visited Perth several times when working for EzeScan.

Elizabeth Quay (maplink) is really nice but it’s a bit of a shame that the openness of the place is now being built out by high rise apartments and hotels right on the water’s edge. Took a jet-boat ride out on the Swan River with Wild West Charters which was a bit of a hoot. The guy who runs the show is a real character; he gave these 5 Indian tourists on the trip a recipe for preparing and cooking a “swan” – it was really funny to watch their faces, but not very PC.

Headed off to Kings Park (maplink) for lunch and to have a look at the WA wild flower displays. Absolutely love this place and would always come back to visit when in Perth.

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