Day trip to Albany

We visited Albany to have a look at the Gap and Natural Bridge in Torndirrup National Park.

The Gap is a natural wonder enhanced by some very clever engineering with the building of a stainless steel viewing platform 40 metres directly above the surging seas. We were told by a couple of locals that several people have died there trying to sit on the railing above the surging seas and take selfies but have slipped and fell, with no means of getting back they have drowned. We were also told that when the ocean is really big the waves will actually come up through the floor of the platform.

The Natural Bridge is pretty amazing it shows the strength of nature as a group of rocks are suspended over a chasm creating a natural bridge with the ocean surging in below.

Later we went into Albany to find Dog Rock which we photographed when we were here in 1980. It’s now so special that many local business contain “Dog Rock” in their name.

We rounded out the day at the new Field of Light installation in the ANZAC Avenue of Honour – see next post and then dinner at a top little Italian Restaurant by the name of Venice.

Some links…

YouTube video of the Gap installation…

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