Around Denmark

We were so glad that we selected Denmark as a base to check out the south west part of WA. The Rivermouth Caravan Park is right on the water with Pelican’s cruising past and just a naturally chilled out feeling you get from staying there. Some of the places we visited were…

  • Ocean Beach – lovely place where the mouth of the Harding River reaches the ocean. Love to come back here when the water is warmer!
  • William Bay National Park where we visited…
    • Greens Pool – a striking beach which forms a natural swimming hole protected from the wild seas of the Southern Ocean. The colours are amazing.
    • Elephant Rocks – next door to Greens Pool and looks exactly like a herd of elephants, paddling in the shallow waters.
    • Waterfall Beach – not exactly what we expected with a tiny waterfall running straight onto the beach, but was still worth a look.

It was as we walked down the path to Greens Pool that Merrisa just missed stepping on a Dugite (venomous) Snake. The scream she emitted certainly gave both myself and the snake a terrible fright. Fortunately the snake slithered off between her feet (yep – it was that close). Check out my “photo-shopped” reenactment of the event below.

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