Around Esperance

It was quite a long 530km drive from Denmark to Esperance (maplink) but the location we selected to stay at, Seaside Caravan Park made the distance worth it. The CP is located right on the beach with ocean views out of our van’s front windows. As in previous stops we will use this as our base for the next 3 days.

First trip was the Great Ocean Drive to the west of Esperance visiting…

  • The Pink Lake – which is no longer Pink due to the construction of a railway line blocking the flow of salt water plus environment changes in the area (more on Wikipedia)
  • 11 Mile Lagoon – vividly blue water and white sands; absolutely stunning
  • The Esperance windfarm has nine turbines positioned at Ten Mile Lagoon. In 2004, six more turbines were built at Nine Mile Beach. The two wind farms now generate enough to meet around 20% of Esperance’s power needs.
  • Observatory Point – were looking for whales but saw none but the view is still pretty good
  • Blue Haven Beach – We had lunch here with amazing azure blue water and stunning white sands as a backdrop along with it’s strange looking granite island.
  • Rotary Lookout – located at Dempster Head, it gives you a 360° view of the town of Esperance

The following day we took a stroll along the foreshore in front of our caravan park and eagle-eye Merrisa spotted dolphins about 5 metres from the shore.

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