Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand NP is a short 46km drive from Esperance (maplink) and wow is it worth it! The landscape changes from massive granite outcrops to freshwater pools and unbelievably white sandy beaches with views over many islands. We spent the day here having a look around and visited (maplink)…

  • Hellfire Bay – a scenic, secluded bay nestled between sea-swept rocky headlands
  • Whistling Rock – as the name suggests; there is a large rock that whistles in the wind. Must have been blowing in the wrong direction when we were here as we heard nothing and it was windy enough to blow you hat off. Still a beautiful place with lots of granite, wildflowers and crystal clear water
  • Thistle Cove – Captain Matthew Flinders named Thistle Cove in 1802 after the ship’s master John Thistle
  • Frenchman Peak – just had a look at it as it’s a 3 hour return hike rated as a level 5.
  • Lucky Bay – the star of the trip. The water is the most azure blue and sand the whitest you could ever find, and of course it squeaks! This was voted the best beach in WA and it is easy to understand why. We drove down onto the beach and had lunch next to the car (out of the wind) just up from the Lucky Bean Cafe van. Kangaroos also came down onto the beach to say hi to everyone – pretty cool.

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