Crossing the Nullarbor

Our trip across the Nullarbor was taken over 3 days…

  • day 1 was 709 km from Kalgoorlie WA to Madura Pass WA (route map)
    • we pulled into a free camp at the end of day 1 but the only other people there were a bit strange so we decided to move on and eventually got to Madura Pass just on dark.
  • day 2 was 522 km from Madura Pass WA to Nundroo SA (route map)
  • day 3 262 km from Nundroo SA to Streaky Bay SA (route map)

What an amazing drive this is as it has many aspects to discover such as the magnificent views, the 90km straight, the kangaroos watching us pass-by at dusk on day 1 (a bit scary) and the fact there are trees on the Nullarbor.

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