Streaky Bay – Razorfish gathering

Streaky Bay is a beautiful place to stay and the caravan park is right on the beach. One of our neighbours “Fast Eddy” took me out to gather some Razorfish.

Razorfish (also known as razorshell, razor clam, common razor and pod razor) are a range of bivalve mollusc species common around the Eyre Peninsula coastline. They are an edible species of shellfish which gets their common name from their resemblance to an old fashioned cut throat razor.

You need to wear protective footwear and gloves as they will cut through your skin very easily (why they are called Razorfish). They are like flattened cones and are about 300mm in length with the pointy end embedded in the sand and the “mouth” just poking out of the seabed. You just pull them out, crack them open and remove the “heart” which looks like a scallop. Cook them just like a scallop too. Limit is 25 per person per day.

Here is a video I found on YouTube showing how Razorfish are cleaned…

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