Roadtrip to Whyalla via Tumby Bay & Arno Bay

We finally left Port Lincoln and headed to Whyalla taking a couple of stops along the way. We were in a Bailey convoy with our friends Neil & Sharon.

First was the wheat silos in Tumby Bay (maplink). It’s amazing how they scale the artwork to fit the silo (check the photos). The artwork was inspired by an Instagram image of two boys jumping for fun and relief off the Tumby Bay jetty. We then drove into town for a look around, saw nothing spectacular so we moved on.

Next stop was Arno Bay which was really just a toilet stop and when we returned to our caravans there was another Bailey parked up next to our two. Seeing 3 Bailey caravans parked up together is a real rarity so we all had a good laugh and introduced ourselves to the newcomers Bill & Cheryl. All three vans then continued in convoy to Whyalla where we stayed for 3 nights.

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