Apollo Bay

Well, welcome home to Victoria folks! Been away for just over 6 months and we are experiencing our first taste of serious rain! We hit Apollo Bay and it was the first time we had to set-up in the rain. Suppose beggars cannot be choosers (as the saying goes) as we have not experienced rain for the past 193 days of travel.

We have been to Apollo Bay countless times before and love to stay at the Apollo Bay Holiday Park, which is nice and close to town (maplink). The scallop pies at the local bakery were excellent too.

We still managed to do some fishing (no luck there) and take the mandatory walk up to Mariners Lookout as well as take in the shops (several times) and while we were there Green Peace’s Rainbow Warrior pulled into town as part of a protest about oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

Carisbrook Waterfall (maplink) was also a picturesque place to visit especially after the heavy rain we had just experienced.

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