Sounds of Silence Dinner

We booked into the famous Sounds of Silence Dinner at the rock which also has the grande finale of the Field of Light.

What a fantastic evening we had – check it out on Tripadvisor. It began with pick-up from our caravan park then we were spirited out to a high sand dune for pre-dinner drinks and canapes as we watched the sunset over the desert on one side and the ever changing colours of the rock as the sun went down. Wow!!!

Then we moved onto a banquet dinner under the stars sharing a table with 8 other strangers. Everyone just clicked and that made for a great dinner. The menu went like this…

  • ENTRÉES (served to the table)
    • Roasted tomato and native thyme soup
  • MAIN COURSE – Bush Tucker Inspired Buffet
    • Barramundi, lemon myrtle cream, caramelised lemon, glazed greens
    • Native dukkah crusted kangaroo, organic quinoa, roasted capsicum salsa
    • Seared chicken breast, coastal rosemary and garlic baked potatoes, leek veloute
    • Lamb cutlet, blistered cherry tomatoes, crisp sea parsley, bush tomato jus
    • Steamed seasonal greens with lemon aspen vinaigrette
    • Warrigal green and mushroom risoni, feta crumble, sundried tomatoes
    • Desert lime cheesecake
    • Warm chocolate and wattle-seed slice
    • Warm apple and quandong crumble tarts
    • Pear and lemon myrtle tea cake
    • Davidson plum and berry compote
    • Watermelon platters
    • Vanilla anglaise
    • Kale, pickled Spanish onion, chickpea, roasted sesame dressing
    • Braised crocodile, shaved vegetable and fragrant herb salad
    • Pepperberry roasted cauliflower, pickled muntries, spinach and mint yogurt dressing
    • Fusilli salad, roasted artichoke, salt-bush, olives, salsa verde
    • Garden salad

Following dinner the “resident star talker” provided an insight into the myriad of stars in the night sky.

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