We had originally planned to stay at Kingston SE but the caravan park was right on the beach which was full of rank smelling rotting seaweed so we moved onto Robe which turned out to be a great choice. What a lovely place Robe is, with so many historic buildings and caf├ęs.

We selected the Robe Discovery CP located just out of town on long beach (maplink).

A lot of historical buildings were erected in the mid 1800’s and have been restored to their original splendor by the owners and historical society. Robe also has a lot of very expensive looking holiday homes and large mariner with plenty of money moored there.

Took the usual coastal drive to check out things and found the Chinese memorial erected to commemorate 16,500 Chinese who landed at Robe between 1856-1858 and then walked 200 miles (320 km) to the Victorian goldfields in search of gold.

We also discovered the Robe Obelisk, erected erected in 1855 to assist ships and their navigators to the safe entrance into Guichen Bay. The obelisk is a famous landmark and is of special local historical significance.

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